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At ‘Founding Policy Department’, we bring our experience and expertise on board on public policy to inform innovation policies at every stage of the policy process; from research to formulation to consultation to implementation to monitoring to evaluation. We take into consideration all factors including local, state, national and international politics in designing our policy solutions for all innovation objectives and expected outcomes.

Our expertise on innovation policy is drawn from our wide network which includes economists, public policy analysts, renowned researchers and political consultants. We offer the best innovation policy solutions within the context of your agency, ministry, department, state or country.

We create strategy, advise on important legislation including drafting procedures, analyse already existing policies, provide needed research based evidence to inform best decisions, propose additional innovative policies where they currently don’t exist and usher in innovation at its best form.

How we are better: We operate from the heart. We are conscious about the line between the politics and the policy space. Our solutions are custom-made to individual circumstances and we simply offer the best innovation policy advisory on the continent.

Trusted Clients

Policy Research & Strategy

  • We will help you formulate an overarching strategy for your innovation objectives either as a public sector stakeholder or as a private sector company...
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Policy Analysis

  • Whether as a new policy that is about to be implemented or as a policy that needs to be evaluated
  • our expertise and experience in the innovation space...
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ICT Policy Legislation

  • With your innovation objectives in mind; we will bring our in-house legislative experience and policy expertise to reach your goals and provide legal backing...
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